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If you're a new or experienced photographer and want to know exactly how to build a sustainable photography business that profitably fits your life design while building the business of your dreams where you can make $9K+ sales (like my students) but you struggle with marketing, pricing, messaging or knowing how to sell in your business, then you NEED THE THIS PROGRAM! 


    Get every single example from my photography business from contracts, to workbooks, email sequences, guides, customer sheets, questionnaires, scripts and more. Also ask anything you need with 6+ MONTHS LIVE SUPPORT AND 2x MONTHLY GROUP COACHING CALLS!


    Get training videos that show you exactly how to use the templates and customize your business to your advantage while breaking down simple concepts and making them easy to understand and customize.


    Build a business you love while claiming your calling and filling your calendar. Not only will you be given examples and shown how to do these things, but you will learn HOW to recreate it all on your own.

Mentoring or Self-Paced?



Normally ($3487)

One-time payment or $247/month payment plan for 12 months.






• 5-Phase Lifetime Signature Course
VALUE $4987


• Lifetime Membership & Updates
​VALUE $987


• Paid Members FB Support Group
​VALUE $987


• 2x Monthly Q+A Calls for 6+ Months
​VALUE $987


• 6 Awesome Bonuses
​VALUE $1592

• First Access To Retreat Spots
​VALUE $987

Normally ($4987)

One-time payment or $387/month payment plan for 12 months.





• $43K Senior Rep Kit
VALUE $1297

• The Wedding Kit
VALUE $987

• Free Access To New Photo Bloom Programs
VALUE $1987

2 Months Unlimited Email + Voxer Support
VALUE $987

• 3 Coaching Calls
 (60) Minute Individual Coaching Calls
VALUE $1297


6-Month VIP
Normally ($14,987)

One-time payment or $987/month payment plan for 12 months.


• $43K Senior Rep Kit
VALUE $1297

• The Wedding Kit
VALUE $987

• Free Access To New Photo Bloom Programs
VALUE $1987

12 Months Unlimited Email + Voxer Support
VALUE $987

• 12 Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls
 (60) Minute Individual Coaching Calls

VALUE $5188

• Intensive Business Audit
VALUE $1287

• Custom Marketing + Launch Plan
VALUE $1987

$9,000 SALE!
Booked 10 Client Model Calls & Best Photography Business Decision
EVER made!


All I can say about Ashley is that she is probably the best decision I have ever made for my photo business. I have a love for a lot of photo subjects and was all over the place regarding specialization field and the business itself. I took a fast paced workshop with Ashley and it became so much easier to organize my time, workflows and tasks. Pricing became super clear. The tools she gives her students are absolutely priceless, it would take me another 20 years in business to figure it out on my own, as I am definitely not a business person myself. I decided to purchase the self paced course, and seriously, it is amazing. I get to have personal sessions with her, feedback and I can do things on my own time. It's been really fantastic and I finally feel like everything is finally more organized and coming together as a business and brand! ❤ SUPER recommended!

Update: Booked 10 model calls and an additional client + filled her January calendar with customized sessions for her DREAM CLIENTS! Had a $9000 sale!

Camila Bruce Photography
Family + Portrait Photographer

$2200+ Sales &
transformed into a storytelling maven!


Ashley's class helped me identify my target client and then tell their story to speak to them. My copy has improved so much. Whether it's just for social media posts or for my website, I'm much more comfortable speaking TO my ideal client. This is an incredibly important part of marketing that I was lacking.

Update: Developed a brand ambassador program, has been selling $2200+ collections, and conducted a giveaway and booked 9 sessions from it!


Elise Taylor Photography
Family & Newborn Photographer

FIRST SALE was OVER $2000 and
 what she previously sold!


I’ll be honest; I was a skeptic. I feel awkward about “selling,” and I’m an introvert and a BUSY mom who had been trying to fit my business into the corners and cracks of my life. My preferred style of photography is also a bit different than the classic lifestyle/portrait photography session. So I wasn’t sure how all of this would work for me, or if I could even bring myself to try the IPS model. BUT, I wasn’t getting the number or type of clients OR the income that I wanted, so I was willing to give it all a go. I decided that I was going to buckle down and treat my business more like a BUSINESS, and Ashley provided the structure I needed with the Bloom course. I am working through the course slowly (probably slower than most) - but it has already paid for itself! My first sale after starting the course was more than 10X my average sale price before starting the course - and I’m not even done with the course yet! AND, I didn’t spontaneously combust when I tried in-person sales! My first client after implementing the lessons from the course nearly covered the entire cost of the course. And that is just my new beginning! Also, more importantly to me, the Bloom course is helping me to bring my photography business into the forefront, to give it the attention and intention that it deserves. It feels amazing to develop my business in a way that fits “me” - something that fuels me and that I am proud of in a way that my business wasn’t doing before.

UPDATE: First sale over $2000!

Katie at Testify Photography

Family Adventure Photographer

Booked 5 Senior Reps, $1K+
Sales & first portrait sale
was nearly 6x more!


Taking Ashley's Photo Bloom Course completely changed the way I do business and even helped my personal life too! She taught me how to really sit down and dig deep into who I am, what I want my business to be and how it will serve my clients! She taught me to organize my business properly and build a solid foundation to build upon! She is so organized and has the perfect workflow to keep me on track and get each task done and apply it to my own workflow! Her course taught me how to value myself, my time, and my art! My first sale after converting my business to follow her plan earned nearly 6 times what I would have made before making these changes and I would have never had the confidence to make the changes I NEEDED to make! Thank you so Much Ashley June, I can't wait to see how much more I can grow and BLOOM!

Update: Signed 5 Senior Reps (3 at her top package) & made $1K+ sales with her program!

Jessica Ashley Photography
Family + Senior Photographer

3rd Sale Almost $4K!
Experienced photographer made 8x more!


Taking The Photo Bloom course really helped me to focus in on the tasks that had always been on my ‘someday’ list. I’m a typical DIY’er – thinking that I can teach myself all the things while also doing all the things. However, what was really happening is that all of those important items that were going to help my business grow were task that were just being pushed to the back while the urgent day to day items were dealt with. Through Ashley’s course, I realized that someone walking you through the steps and helping you get out of your own way is the ONLY way to get those ‘someday tasks’ to ‘today tasks’. I was scared to put out content, scared to switch business models and scared to make decisions. Ashley helped me realize that it’s ok to take the risk and created a more confident me to stand by the decisions I was making. I now trust more in my process and my business. I was not a beginner photographer when I started this class. I thought I was charging my worth but after my first sale made 3x what I was making before, I knew that my confidence and my business model was not a reflection of my worth. Thank you Ashley for a great class! Thank you for helping me move out of my way and thank you for changing my business so that I can live the life I want!

UPDATE: First sale $1500, 2nd Sale $2500, recent sale almost $4000!!!

Blue Sage Photography
Family + Senior Photographer

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